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My Favourite Blogs


As I have started with my first topic in my blog about new technologies in education I would like to talk about some   blogs that normally I use for my classes and I considered that are quite useful.The ones related with  resources for teachers  are:Blog de buenas practicas,Free Technology For Teachers

Both  blogs mainly they provide good information about the last resources in technology related with education and new technologies, I think all the information is well organised and easy to read and another point that I considred that is good are the links to other sites related with the same topic creating a sense of interconnectivity specially the one of Free Technology  that under my point of view is one of the main points of blogs

I have chosen other academic blog  Educacion y pedagoblia. This Blog for me is one of the best written in Spanish about Pedagogy in all the fields that can influence the learners, here Andres Gonzalez presents diferent essays  about education and everyone can participate so under my point of view is quite good since people can interact and to give their one opinions about the topic facilitating an online discussion.Another aspect to considred is the critical reflections that he does in all the essays that he publishes.

The last ones that I have chosen are  related with the main activity that I like to do in my free time that  is traveling, one of them is National Geographic I have to say that make  me jump from my chair to go to one of the places that are shown in the pictures apart of this I considered that is a good blog since how all the information is presented and organised is  easy to find what you want to know more about besides  the language used is informal so help to give the tone of the blog informal

The other one is Fathom and as I said before the picture of these two blogs are fantastic and you would like to jump into the pictures but for me the best things is the informality and the tone that is writen giving impressions of travelers about some experiences, as a good blog presents ideas clearly and a lot of links to topics related with also you get quick feedback.

All the blogs that I have chosen for me are quite easy to find the information that you are interested, you find links to concept or topics related with the blog, connect with diferent audiences,the structures of the commentaries specially the academic one are refletions of topics and you share ideas with others in an informal way.